RCM Boom Cards: A New Practice Resource for Online Theory Exams!

With Royal Conservatory's move to online theory exams, we teachers are finding ourselves preparing students for a very different testing format than than traditional paper exam. Students are now being asked to demonstrate their knowledge of theory concepts by identifying elements and selecting the correct answer rather than with written answers. These changes have led me to experiment with various platforms to create a new "practice-exam" resource using the question types found in the remote theory exam and I'm excited to report that I found an ideal tool with Boom Cards.

What is a BOOM CARD?

If you're not familiar with Boom cards, they are self grading exercises on the Boom Learning website. Students are assessed on their knowledge in a fun and engaging way. They are interactive and students click, drag, drop, or type in order to show the answer.

Benefits of Using the Gold Medal Music Education BOOM CARDS for RCM Exam Practice

  1. They are formatted the style of the RCM online theory exam.

  2. They are based on the current RCM theory exam requirements.

  3. They require no prep which means no printing, laminating or storage.

  4. They work on computers, tablets and smartphones.

  5. They can be used as an online or in-person teaching tool.

  6. They are self-checking.

  7. They provide immediate, automatic feedback.

  8. You’ll save paper because you don’t need to print them.

  9. They are interactive which keeps students engaged.

  10. They are free to play.

How to Access

Instructions for purchasing and using these new resources are available from my stores on the Teachers Pay Teachers website and the Boom Learning Market Place.

So far I have created the complete set of decks for Level 5 and am currently working on the Level 8 resources. If you want to be notified when I get the next pack finished, be sure and subscribe to my email list below. I would also love to get some feedback on this new project, so if you could take a moment to leave a comment, I would really appreciate it.

Happy and Safe Teaching!


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